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Curesight, reddot winner 2022 product design

Bringing together the power of eye-tracking and AI, 

eye tracking & data analytics for pediatric vision care solutions

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Enabling physicians to perform accurate and effective cardiology procedures.


Smart wearable devices that measure all vital signs continuously


Sounds of Life, AI Powered Primary Care Diagnostics Solutions

Immediate. Accurate. Anywhere


Accurate, absolute, actionable lung fluid measurement for heart failure patients

ReDS™ is an easy-to-use, non-invasive system for the monitoring and management of lung fluid in patients with Heart Failure.


The EnSite Precision™ Cardiac Mapping System offers next-generation technology that allows for a high level of automation, flexibility, and precision to help you diagnose a wide range of arrhythmias.


Leading the Way into Next-Generation Medical Education.

Full Line of MIS Virtual Reality Simulators that combine advanced visualization technology, realistic simulated anatomy, and a variety of real surgical tools and devices. 

Greys Anatomy featuring Simbionix ANGIO Mentor

Pollogen by Lumenis

Truly innovative device using the latest multi-rf technolgy for effective rejuvenation of the delicate facial areas


Prevent blindness even when there is no doctor in sight.

Our system provides diabetes blindness alerts faster and for less than existing methods.


Treating wounds, Certis Health has developed the PreseroTM, a patented telehealth wound management system consisting of a tablet-integrated, lightweight 3D scanner and AI-based software tools

Better Healthcare Solutions
Medical Device and Digital Healthcare Design Process
  • Understand the problem, procedure, users, and business goals 

  • Ideate concepts, product design, usability, and user experience

  • Select and develop the best solutions

  • Build prototypes for testing, modify and test again

  • Finalize design and prepare for production and implementation

  • Medical fields, Cardiology, Respiratory, Digestive, Brain and more

Life Style Design
  • Design products that empower people life and bring happiness
  • Design vision to visual to product
  • From design concept to market, control the design qualities


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